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If you heard anything about Forex Profit Caster then you know that Bill Poulos has created one of the most exciting forex trading programs on the market this year to date.  

Forex Profit Caster Bonus #1   Slap The Market Newsletter – Subscription

STM Newsletter provides above average market returns by taking only the highest probability trades. Trade only the right stock, futures contract or forex pair at the right time.

You read that right!  You’re going to get 12 months free subscription to “Slap The Market Newsletter” currently $57/mo.  That’s a total savings of  $684 of value in your pocket plus you’ll get access to forex& stock trading training videos, news, tips, strategies, live trading demos, etc… check it out at 


Forex Profit Caster Bonus #2

A “Forex Made Easy” Course ($97).  A MUST-HAVE guide for all Forex traders. This is a down-to-earth blueprint that will help you learn everything you need to know from A to Z, and for experienced traders will help clarify different concepts that might not be clear or are difficult to understand.  I would like to say this guide is priceless because once you have Forex down, you can print your own paycheck.

Forex Profit Caster Bonus #3

Forex Scalping Cheat Sheets – The techniques you’re about to discover and the “cheat sheets” that are assembled for you are going to begin to crack this “code” that few traders even know exist. Having this understanding will put the odds back in your favor, and give you the control so that you can consistently trade the market, while avoiding the typical challenges that scalping brings.

Forex Profit Caster Bonus #4

The Discipline Of Journaling For Traders – For a disciplined trader, a well-planned and rigorously maintained journal can be an invaluable tool. Among other things, it can be used to evaluate and readjust the underlying trading plan, provide insight into emotional challenges and for some, simply knowing that a trade will have to be journaled can provide the motivation to avoid making a poor decision.

Forex Profit Caster Bonus #5

Forex Profit Principles – This is what I believe to be one of the most powerful Forex reports ever published.  If you have been trading for a while or you’re a complete newbie you will love this information.  You must have this in your forex arsenal.




  • The Forex Profit Button
  • 10 Minute Pips
  • Broker Score Card
  • Maximum Velocity Forex System
  • Triple Shot Forex System
  • MegaBreaker Indicator
  • TrendBolt Indicator


You read that correctly.  If you invest in Forex Profit Caster through this website ONLY (please bookmark or subscribe to the notification list below), you will be eligible to get ALL these bonuses listed on this page and possibly some extras!!!

Here is how it works to claim your bonus:

  1. Clear Your Cookies ==> Learn How Here
  2. Get the Forex Profit Caster Program through this link. >>> Click Here
  3.  Send you receipt to bonus @ with your clickbank transaction id, email address and the subject “Forex Profit Caster ”
  4.  Don’t refund.

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