Forex Profit Caster Review

Forex Profit Caster Review – does Bill Poulos’s program actually work?
An Independent Review of Forex ProfitCaster by Bill Poulos


Forex Profit Caster Review: Can the program by Bill Poulos actually increase profits?

If you’re anything like me then you’ve probably seen countless ‘trading systems’ all claiming the same thing: Fast, easy profit on the Forex Trading Market. Although they all sound too good to be true, I know that in my experience there are only a select few that actually work.

So the question is… what is the Forex Profit Caster by Bill Poulos, and does it actually work?

The creators certainly know what they’re talking about, which is what drew me to this product in the first place. And with wild claims that the Forex Profit Caster can teach you all about the Forex market and get you successfully trading (and making real cash) almost instantly, I invested in the program to see what it contained…

What’s Included in the Forex Profit Caster by Bill Poulos

The latest in a range of successful trading strategies by respected traders and trading tutors Bill and Greg Poulos, the Forex Profit Caster suggests that it offers its users a completely new experience in terms of making real profit real fast on the Forex Trading profit caster

The first thing I found with the product (and something I really liked) is that everything is done completely online. So what does that mean for the user?

  1. No waiting around for the product to be delivered
  2. It can be used anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection
  3. It’s compatible with pretty much every platform – iPad, Mac, PC… etc

But that’s just the start. What really got me going, was the stuff it came with:

  • Break-through Web-based Software: In all honesty, I’ve never seen anything as sophisticated or effective as this before – using the massively powerful proprietary ‘triangle’ forecasting algorithms, the software gives you useful web-based alerts on potential profitable trades
  • Trade Alert Messaging Capabilities: This was a new one on me too – the alerts come through via both text and email, meaning missing a profitable trade is a thing of the past and you don’t have to stay watching the market all day hoping to spot a money-making trend
  • End-of-day Charts: And hourly. In fact, all the information to summarise recent events using a dual trading method
  • Home Study Course: This course has 4 CD-ROM video tutorials, and even though I didn’t need them myself, I looked through them and wished I’d had access to them earlier on in my trading career – they are great! Including a vibrant full color reference manual, trading blueprints and a quick start guide…with all the trading blueprints and a quick start guide, they teach you everything you need really really quickly so you can get trading and start earning almost straight away
  • Online Coaching Sessions: Get weekly access to Bill and his team thru Q&A sessions.
  • Full Support & Regular Coaching from Bill Poulos’s Professional Team: As well as the professional support with lifetime access to the exclusive members’ area, the product includes a full year of email support (free) and the chance to contact Bill’s team weekly for coaching.

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Who Can Use It?

Most trading software and profit-boosting products are targeted at  EITHER experienced traders or novices… but Bill Poulos’s Forex Profit Caster provides an easy way for new traders to hit the ground running as well as acting as an incredibly useful tool for experienced traders…

That means that if you’re new to trading, there’s now no excuse for you not to start because the Forex Profit Caster gives you literally everything you need to start predicting more reliable trends and make some real money… but it also means that if you already trade the Forex market, you can now increase your chances of winning more, more often.

Seriously – anybody who’s serious about making some real money on the trading market needs to get their hands on the Forex Profit Caster.

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Greg and Bill Poulos: Con Artists or Experts Worth Listening to?

Mr. Bill PoulosIf you’re already part of the Forex world, then you will probably already know the names Bill and Greg Poulos – after all, they have countless years of experience under their belt.

But if you’re new, then here’s a bit of information.

By learning lessons the hard way, Bill Poulos has racked up some real valuable knowledge regarding what works and what doesn’t on the trading market. He is an expert in the field – as can be seen by his successful and profitable track record – and has developed some truly inspiring strategies to approaching trades which, once set in motion, support themselves.

How can a trader get that good?

Like I mentioned before, Bill learned lessons the hard way – that means he made mistakes, like any trader would during his or her trading career. But by combining his experience on the trading floor with the knowledge he has gleaned during his time as an Investment Educator (and a very good one, too), he has really made his way to the top.

Bill and Greg Poulos: Definitely a pair of people who you can trust for reliable, working knowledge of the Forex market. (Want some proof? Just read about one of their previous pieces of software they developed – the Forex Profit Multiplier. A winner in every sense of the word)

The Pros

As with all of my Forex trading system reviews, I am going to remain impartial – that means I want to clearly highlight the best pros about the Forex Profit Caster, as well as the cons(after all, it’s a review – not a sales pitch).forex profit caster trade alerts

So, to begin, here are the pros I liked the very best about the Forex Profit Caster:

  • Completely Online Optional: Since purchasing the software, I’ve used it to secure some real profits… from as far away as AUD/USD, to as close as my back yard in USD/CAD. All I need is my smartphone, laptop, or tablet. It’s PC or Mac compatible!
  • Two Time Frames: That means you get both an hourly timeframe and a daily timeframe. Of course, you can upgrade to more specific time frames… but for me, the two provided are more than good enough! (bonus added… 4 hour time frame)
  • Educational: Even as an experienced trader, I found that this program taught me loads I didn’t know, giving me more profit potential.
  • Alerts: I used to kick myself every time I missed a fortune-bursting trade… now I get alerted by text message or email, and I love it.
  • Risk Control: I guess the reason the Forex Profit Caster reduces risk so well is because unlike many pretenders on the trading system market, this one was actually developed by real professionals who know exactly how to play the game. That means less risk… and more profit.

The Cons

So, although I had to pick my brain a little to find many bad points about the Forex Profit Caster, I did manage to put together a few things that make this review a little more balanced. Here they are:

  • You Need to Learn the System: This applies more to brand new traders, and applies to any trading system out there… you need to put in a little bit of time before you get the hang of what you’re doing. Having said that, Bill and Greg Poulos have made it really easy to learn the ropes… and I couldn’t think of any better traders to learn them from
  • Minimal Risk: Despite the alert software meaning you can minimise risk by only focusing on trades that have a higher potential of profitability, there is still risk involved. However… if you want to try and make a success without this software, I can assure you that the risk will most likely become an awful lot higher

In Conclusion

My conclusion regarding the Forex Profit Caster Review can be summed up in two points:

  1. If you want to make some real money and increase your chances of success? Buy it.
  2. If you want to carry the way you are? Don’t.

It really does boil down to those two points.

It’s perfect for any trader new or old, and because you can use the software anywhere in the world, time is no longer an issue – you can trade when you want, how often you want, and in effect, you can make as much money as you want.

(And anyway – if you try it and don’t like it, there’s a 100% money back guarantee… so you’ve got nothing to lose)

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